Electronics from Fuji Electric Industries support your daily life in a variety of ways.

Power distribution and management devices are essential to the supply of stable electric power. We are also involved in many other electronic components, such as semiconductors, as well as in other fields, such as the field of energy and environment conservation.
Products of Fuji Electric Industries are the unseen pillars which support the foundation on which our society is built upon.

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Renewable Natural Energy

Renewable natural energy is now firmly recognized as the world's new source of energy. Solar power-generated energy is regarded as the most cost-efficient source and our company provides high quality products which enable you to covert solar power into electricity with the best efficiency.



Our products are used in automatic ticket gates, ticket machines and destination indicators at stations. They are also used in less noticed machines which assist you in your travels, such as platform screen doors and energy-saving devices.

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Theme Parks

Entertainment adds excitement and zest to your daily life. By handling parts of Diamond Vision displays, which offer viewing of dynamic pictures, and devices which ensure the safety and comfort of rides at theme parks, we aim to contribute to the smiles and excitement of people everywhere.



Factories are the heart of Japan's craftmanship. We provide industrial machinery and robot parts which contribute to better automation and power-saving, as well as power monitoring systems, heat-insulation coating and LED lighting which increase the energy-efficiency of factories. It is our goal to actively support the craftsmanship of our country.

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Shopping Centers

Shopping centers are the hub of activity for all types of people, from young families to active senior citizens. We support the comfortable lifestyle of all such people and the environment with not only our energy-saving technology, such as our elevator-related devices, but also with our energy-creating technology, such as our solar-power generation systems.

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Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are now an essential part in the daily lives of most people. Our products can be found in showcases, LED lighting which brightens the store, as well as coffee makers and vending machines which provide you with a moment of relaxation within your busy life.

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Office Buildings

From power distribution/management systems which ensure stable electricity, to air conditioning and LED lighting which offer convenience and comfort, as well as elevators, virtual conference systems and many other devices, our products can be found everywhere in offices and buildings to provide you with the best working environment.



Hospitals are vital in keeping you happy and healthy. Our electronics are used in sphygmomanometers and glucometers, as well as in devices to protect medical equipment in cases of power outages. Additionally, we hope to contribute to better communication between doctor and patient with our pen tablets which are used for medical charts.

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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have ushered in a new age of technology into our lifestyles. By manufacturing a range of devices needed for the charging of electric vehicles, for both at home and public charging stations, we aim to support the growing infrastructure of this human-friendly technology.



We assist in providing cutting-edge electronic products to schools. In addition to smartphones and computers, we offer various parts for educational tablets and other devices. It is our mission to fully support the development of our children.